Symposium on ‘Air Rescue of the Future’

To mark its 50th anniversary, DRF Luftrettung held a symposium on ‘Air Rescue of the Future’ on 14 June. Which new technologies in medicine and aviation are pioneering? How can emergency dispatching centres use rescue equipment even more efficiently and effectively? What role will air rescue play in rescue services in the future? These and other questions  were discussed by well-known medical and aviation experts as well as decision-makers from the ground and air rescue services – all in the context of current discussions about the performance of the healthcare system.

The specialised speeches, which were primarily devoted to the new technologies and processes in HEMS operations, also provided a look outside the box thanks to the international speakers. The subsequent panel discussion in the afternoon  contextualised the topics in relation to health policy and found problem-solving approaches to ensure that patients receive the best possible medical care today and tomorrow.